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1646913009 A Night in Madrid By Amargura Cultura What a wonderful

A Night in Madrid

A Night in Madrid
By Amargura Cultura.

What a wonderful @cafelatrovamiami guest bartending session by the One-&-Only @juliopapadoble and sponsored by @flordecana_es , at Diego Cabrera’s multi-award winning @salmonguru . We joined that night with One of the World’s Leading Bartenders Salvatore ‘The Maestro’ Calabrese @cocktailmaestro ; a top-class writer like @francoismonti who contributes to a better understanding of the history of cocktails and liqueurs; and @ariasjorgewilliam , a very well-known legend of Havana’s “El Floridita”.


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    António Oliveira - Mr Twelve says:


  4. Que linda noche reunidos con grandes profesionales de la cantina saludos a todos

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